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WellyTails Cartilage Hip & Joint

product in April/May 2011 issue

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FANTASTIC Product Can't Say Enough Good Things!!!

I use Welly Tails Joint Supplement for my Golden Retriever with hip dysplasia. I had tried a few joint supplements and did not notice any changes in his comfort or movement. After about a week on it was easy to see my dog had fluid movement, less stiffness and no difficulty rising from the floor! He was also on a high dose of Metacam before, but now been weaned off of the medication at the vet's recommendation. Thanks to this product my dog is kept medication and most importantly SYMPTOM-FREE!

Ashley McCrickard from Ontario.on 12/31/2010


Rating Jen
  We've had issues with our German Shepherd pup's stool since he had Giardia a few days into living with us. His gut flora never really fixed itself. After trying different probiotic supplements (finally just sticking to Metamucil to hold things together, but not solve anything) we got fed up. After other dog owner's recommendations we now have wonderfully firm (and much less) poop to pick up! Thanks, we're loving the product :)
  Reviewed by:  Jen Podnar from Ottawa. on 3/18/2012

We are very satisfied with the product and have noticed a significant reduction in shedding (Border Collie). The sheen on his coat was mentioned by a groomer at Petsmart!

Joe M., Toronto


After purchasing the Omega 3.6.9 Skin & Coat At Woofstock, my Cavalier now has a luxurious black coat within 6 weeks of starting on the product I have spent the last 3 years trying to get a healthy coat back after her having puppies. Her grey fluff has turned into glossy black waves!

Debbie G., Thunder Bay

I purchased WellyTails Senior Dog supplement at Woofstock and I would like to buy some more. It worked really well for my 10 year old Spaniel, much less scratching and itching and she walks with a lot less pain now.

Susan Mc., Toronto

Regardless of the special goodies I throw in, I always top off their meals with a sprinkle of Wellytails, a high-dose daily senior supplement that has made a big difference in the dogs' overall health, especially Roxy's coat and Cash's comfort and mobility. What I like best about this formula is that a dog Cash's size only requires 2 ½ scoops/day, as opposed to 5+ scoops with most others.

Chef Sara - Modern Dog Blog

We've been getting great feedback on the WellyTails line. I'm using the Senior dog and the Phyto formulas. They taste great so are easy to feed and the dogs are doing great on them.

The Inner Hound - 2036-34th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

I recently switched to WellyTails Phytonutrients. It has better quality ingredients vs Solid Gold which just has generic seaweed and they're not specifying what kind or where it comes from. I'm impressed not only with the ingredients but also how its processed. I'm very impressed with a company as a whole and they have excellent customer service.

Paleo-Pup Chronicles